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Is Minimally Invasive Weight Loss Surgery a Quick Fix or Long-Term Cure?

The common misconception is that weight loss surgery is a quick fix, or “the easy way out” of losing weight without undergoing surgery. While bariatric surgery is an invaluable tool in achieving weight loss for those who are qualified candidates, the idea that weight loss surgery is a magic bullet does not consider the commitment and dedication that is required.

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Weight loss surgery does undoubtedly help patients shed pounds. But, it is a mistake to buy into the notion that the weight will come off and stay off without any education, guidance and continual effort made by the patient. That’s why weight loss surgery patients are afforded a team of medical professionals to help them achieve their weight loss goals. This includes the bariatric surgeon, a registered dietitian, fitness consultants, and other medical professionals. An individualized post-op lifestyle change is necessary to ensure patients live a healthy lifestyle and get down to a normal weight.

While many bariatric surgery patients do manage to lose weight and keep it off, invariably, there are patients who shirk the advice of their medical professionals and believe the false opinion that their surgery will do all the work for them.

There is a danger of patients backsliding into bad habits that have been ingrained over the years: eating too much and moving too little. Doing this can cause patients to regain lost weight – some may even put on more weight and be heavier than they were pre-surgery. This may all happen at a much quicker pace than anticipated.

To reach weight-loss goals, patients must remember that weight loss surgery means a lifestyle change, not just a “diet” that ends once they reach their desired weight. Eventually, with diligence and dedication, patients will realize that weight loss surgery was one of the tools that helped them reach their goals, but by no means was it the only tool.

Is Minimally Invasive Weight Loss Surgery the Right Choice for You?

Weight loss surgery is not the right choice for everyone who is obese and wants to lose 100 pounds or more. Even if the potential patient wishes it would be so, it takes much more than the surgery itself to shed pounds and keep them off. It takes the right mindset, too.

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Prior to any weight-loss surgery, there are a series of office visits and processes you must accomplish to determine if surgery is the best choice. During these visits and processes, you will start following a new diet and begin exercise under the supervision of a physician or fitness professional.

Once you have begun these processes and are sticking to them, then your physician and surgeon will determine if you are a good candidate for weight loss surgery To learn more about minimally invasive weight loss surgery, please feel free to contact 1st Choice Weight Loss at (281) 888-7767 to schedule a consultation appointment today!

Disclaimer: This is only for general information. All people should consult with their own healthcare providers before following any of the recommendations or advice in any articles, posts, or videos. All people have individual needs and limitations that only their treating physicians will be fully aware of.

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