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Houston Sleeve Surgery Clinic Houston Staff

Sheila Vo, Bariatric Program Dietitian

Sheila Vo, MBA, RD, LD is a registered and licensed dietitian with experience in acute care, long term acute care and outpatient settings. She holds undergraduate degrees in clinical nutrition and psychology from the University of Houston, completed her Dietetic Internship at University of Houston and obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from New York Institute of Technology.

Having worked in hospital settings for over ten years, Sheila has counseled various diseases that require nutrition management including Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Thyroid Disorders, Weight Management, Digestive Disorders and Bariatric Nutrition. The growing number of obesity population has increased the number of weight related consultations and with that; she has grown more interest in the field of bariatric.

In 2007, Sheila started to work with Roux n Y, Lap Band and Gastric Sleeve patients. In 2011, she joined Dr. Brian Mirza and Houston Sleeve Surgery Clinic to take part in the multidisciplinary program for Bariatric surgical patients, and to develop the non-surgical weight loss management program.

In her role as the bariatric dietitian, she conducts initial, pre-operative, post-operative and follow up assessments for all patients. She also holds informational seminars on surgical and non surgical weight loss program and monthly support groups. She enjoys the personalized setting of consultations being one on one because she is able to focus on each patient and tailor meal plans to their individual needs. She believes that with intense education, deep understanding and full support, not only weight loss is possible, but it also will result in long term positive outcome and improve quality of life.

Having a full time position and being a wife and mother of one and a dog, she keeps a busy schedule. In her leisure time, she enjoys exercising and traveling. Her active and busy lifestyle has influenced her style of consulting by incorporating practical tips and ideas to assist and support you in the weight loss journey. She believes that obesity is an epidemic that needs to be cured and we, at Houston Sleeve Surgery Clinic are on your team.

In addition to her qualified background, she is also a professional member of the American Dietetic Association, Houston Bariatric Society, Houston Area Dietetic Association and American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition.

Alicia Cardenas, CMA

Alicia graduated from Sanford-Brown College in 2005. Her experience and outgoing personality make her a great addition to our team at Houston Sleeve Surgery Clinic. To be able to help others is one of her motivations to work in the health care industry. She loves what she does, and would like to continue further education in the medical field sometime in the near future.

As a medical assistant she enjoys performing her duties and professionally maintaining her relationship with patients. She assists your weight loss journey from beginning to end, from insurance verification, setting up appointments for medical clearances and criteria and getting each case approved for surgery. She also spends time checking in each patient and triages the patient prior to them seeing the physician.

In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, dining out and going dancing. Her active and fun lifestyle makes her very approachable for our patients. Her beautiful voice is always ready to greet you on the phone when you call and her smiley face is ready to welcome you when you come into our office.


*Disclaimer: All weight loss claims are due to surgery and before and after care. Results will vary by person and are based upon the patient, the surgery type and the compliance with the aftercare program. As with any Medical procedure or surgery, there are specific risks and possible complications. If you have specific questions about the procedure we suggest you arrange for a consult with the Doctor.

Houston Sleeve Surgery Clinic Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • Patients Are Carefully Monitored Under Our Physician's Care
  • Guidance by Our Staff Physician and Program Dietitian
  • Prioritize Real Food and Physical Activity
  • Not A Quick Fix, It Is Your Lifestyle Change!
  • Educational, Well-Balanced and Inclusion of Physical Activity Provides Long Term Benefits After Completion Of Program
  • Portion of Program Expenses May Be Covered By Insurance
  • Signature Meal Replacement and Supplements