• Your Get-Ready Guide for Swimsuit Season [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Swimsuit season is rapidly approaching—are you ready? If your weight has been keeping you from enjoying summer fun, make this year the time you do something about it. Fast weight loss can be yours with weight loss surgery. Gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery can both make it easier to lose weight, especially after your own diet and exercise efforts haven’t helped you achieve the results you want. After surgery, following your doctor’s or dietician’s diet plan closely will allow you to lose weight quickly and safely as you adjust to a new, healthy lifestyle. In this infographic, 1 st Choice Weight Loss , a weight loss center in Houston, examines how weight loss surgery can help you reclaim your life this summer and beyond. Make an appointment with us to discuss the best weight loss strategy for you, and help others learn about healthy weight loss options by sharing this helpful information.

    Your Get-Ready Guide for Swimsuit Season Houston

  • Hear One Patient’s Gastric Bypass Success Story

    How can weight loss surgery near Houston benefit you? This video shows how gastric bypass can transform a person’s life for the better.

    Cari’s weight was a significant deterrent to her quality of life. Because of it, she had no energy. Her body was in constant pain. She even suffered from depression because of her failed efforts to lose weight. That’s why she decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery. Since her gastric bypass, Cari has completely changed both her appearance and her approach to healthy living. She no longer carries the 300 plus pounds that were compromising her well-being. Instead, she goes for walks, hikes, and rides on her husband’s motorcycle. She also sustains her health with nutritious meals and snacks. With a careful eating plan, Cari can enjoy herself without worrying about regaining the weight she lost.

  • A Patient’s Guide to Gastric Bypass Surgery

    Surgical weight loss often succeeds where diet and exercise fail. If your attempts to eat healthily and work out regularly have not resulted in the weight loss you seek, you might be an ideal candidate for gastric bypass in Houston. Gastric bypass surgery is a common bariatric procedure that can help you meet your weight loss goals. If you are considering your weight loss surgery options, knowing what gastric bypass entails and how it can impact your health can help you make a more informed decision.

    Preparation for Gastric Bypass Surgery
    Gastric bypass surgery is an inpatient procedure that typically demands several nights of hospitalization. As a result, you should make arrangements ahead of time to ensure that you have sufficient time off from work. Having these details in order can ease your postoperative anxiety and help you focus on the healing process. Before your weight loss surgery , you might also need to stop taking medications that could interfere with your body’s ability to stop blood loss.

    Recovery After Gastric Bypass Surgery
    Gastric bypass entails invasive treatment, so your surgical team may conduct several postoperative tests to ensure that you are responding to your care and recovering from it as expected. Once you become strong enough to stomach liquids and walk on your own, you can likely return home. During this period, you may need assistance. Activities such as cleaning your home or looking after your children may be too taxing in the weeks ensuing surgery. You might also require help in the preparation of your meals.

    Benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery
    Gastric bypass surgery is a particularly effective form of weight loss surgery because it alters both your caloric intake and caloric absorption. This procedure significantly decreases your stomach size, making it more difficult to consume more calories than your body burns. It also restricts your body’s ability to use the calories you do take in, which can further accelerate your weight loss efforts. As you lose weight, you may find that it has a profound impact on your health. With your continued weight loss, you can enjoy lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, alleviated sleep apnea, and better joint function.