A Look at the Medical Weight Loss Process

When you visit a weight loss center serving Houston for medically supervised weight loss solutions, you’ll receive all the information and tools you need to successfully reach your goals and reclaim your health . Your weight loss journey will begin with a medical screening conducted by a physician. In addition to checking your vital signs and body measurements, the physician will likely order laboratory tests and any other needed medical tests to ensure that you can safely participate in the medical weight loss program.

Then, you’ll have a one-on-one consultation with a dietitian to learn how to achieve healthy weight loss. You’ll learn how to fill your grocery cart, prepare healthy meals, and incorporate exercise into your daily routine. You can expect to meet with the dietitian several times to continue working toward lifestyle and behavior modification. As you get closer to your weight loss goal, the dietitian may cover topics such as weight loss plateaus, healthy eating around the holidays, and long-term weight maintenance.

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