Exercises for Loose Skin After Weight Loss

If you’ve undergone weight loss surgery near Houston or you’ve lost a significant amount of weight with non-surgical methods, you may have noticed that your skin appears looser. You can help your skin bounce back from weight loss by drinking lots of water and doing strength training exercises. You could also ask a provider at a bariatric clinic for guidance.

When you view this video, you’ll see a personal trainer demonstrate some good core exercises to do after significant weight loss. She recommends lying on your back on a mat and holding a three-pound weight in both hands. Keeping your arms outstretched, bring the weight to the floor above your head, and then move it down toward your lower abdomen. At the same time, bring one leg upward and try to touch your toes to the weight. This exercise and two others the personal trainer demonstrates can help tighten your abdominal muscles and promote healthy weight loss. It is advisable for patients to consult with their surgeons before starting any exercise regiments.

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