Strategies for Choosing the Right Bariatric Procedure

Weight loss surgery is appropriate for many patients with obesity who have been unable to lose weight through repeated attempts at diet and exercise. After you’ve made the decision to have weight loss surgery, you’ll visit a weight loss clinic in Houston to discuss whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure. The bariatric surgeon will also help you understand the differences between the types of weight loss surgeries to determine which one may be right for you. weight loss surgery in houston

Evaluate Your Weight Loss Expectations
The bariatric surgeon may ask you about your weight loss expectations. In other words, how much weight do you want to lose and how quickly do you want to lose it? Any type of bariatric surgery can result in significant, healthy weight loss. However, there are some differences. Gastric sleeve surgery induces rapid weight loss, so you’ll enjoy the results sooner. Gastric banding surgery induces slower weight loss, which means you won’t see the results right away. However, you can expect to lose about 40 to 50 percent of your excess weight with gastric banding. Patients who undergo gastric sleeve surgery can expect to lose approximately 60 percent of their excess weight.

Consider Your Willingness to Receive Extensive Follow-Up Care
All patients who undergo any type of bariatric surgery can expect to receive follow-up care. They’ll likely meet with the surgeon again to ensure that they are recovering properly. They may work with a dietitian and a psychologist, and they may attend support groups. Follow-up care is a crucial component of a successful outcome. However, some surgeries may require more extensive follow-up than others. For example, patients who have gastric banding surgery will need to have more frequent appointments because the doctor needs to adjust the band to facilitate continuing weight loss.

Assess the Permanence of the Operation
For some patients, whether or not a particular bariatric surgery is reversible is a factor that may influence their decisions. Many patients prefer gastric banding because it is adjustable. The band may even be surgically removed, although this is uncommon. Gastric sleeve surgery is not reversible. However, its permanent nature can facilitate long-term weight loss and maintenance.

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