Healthy Habits During the Holidays

The holidays are a happy yet stressful time of year, and if you’re a post-bariatric patient or in the process of losing weight, you might find yourself worried about upcoming holiday parties, which often entail high-calories and fattening foods. In this video, you’ll learn tips to cut back on calories in the holiday season.

If you’re invited to a party, offer to bring healthy snacks or a dish that you’re not particularly fond of—that way, you’ll be less-inclined to nibble. And, at parties, sample only your favorite desserts and foods—this is a good time to be picky! Another good thing to keep is that clear soups, broths, and dressings will be lower calorie than cream or cheese-based appetizers. Remember to track your alcohol consumption or opt for water, and learn even more ways to survive the season after weight loss in Houston!

A weight loss clinic in Houston can jumpstart your weight loss with medication, healthy habits, and bariatric surgery. This holiday season, give yourself the best gift you can and become a slimmer, healthier you!

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