Let’s pack our bag!

After going through the long process of bariatric surgery, a planned vacation sounds great! What are all the things that we need to foresee? What kind of vacation should you plan? Vacation that involves all you can eat buffet and 24 hour open all inclusive food and drink OR lounging at the pool all day will NOT be an IDEAL vacation for you.

Several things that you need to ask before you pack your bag: Let's pack our bag!

When was your surgery? If you had your surgery recently, make sure that you discuss your plan with your surgeon and meet with the dietitian to make sure that you are able to make healthier choices during your vacation. After about 6 weeks of healing process, you shall be able to do activities without extra limitations.

Where will you go to? If you are going to travel within the country you would have a better idea on what to expect and you can research restaurants/places to eat along the way or places that you will visit. When you are going to a destination that is a bit more exotic, it will definitely help to bring along your protein powder or protein bars for your meal replacements. You probably won’t like the exotic foods that are unusual anyways.

Will you have time to exercise? If you plan to travel on your schedule and itinerary, you probably be able to fit some time to exercise in between your destinations. However, when you are going with a tour group, you may have more limited time and you shall discuss the schedule ahead of time so that you can fit your exercise time and still follow the group.

Anywhere you go in the world, you shall enjoy every bit of it! After all, life after surgery shall be lived to the FULLEST! Please call the office if you have any questions or concerns when planning your vacation, we will be happy to help!

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