• Be the awesomest Pokemon trainer and lose weight!!!!

    Be the awesomest Pokemon trainer and lose weight!!!!

    This new social phenomenon has taken over the social media world lately. Not only in the United States, but all over the world. This game requires you to spend time outside walking around and catching pokemon at random locations. The game is a free app that is designed to be downloaded to a smartphone. It uses GPS to direct players, called trainers, to the random pokemon creatures that appear to pop up in the real world. Most parks, landmarks, densely populated areas are usually loaded with pokemon pokestops or pokegyms . Many fans are addicted to this game right away and getting more exercises throughout the day trying to capture pokemon. Experts says that it is good for your mental health as exercise is benefiting to be a mood booster. The downside about the whole process is the selective attention as you are attempting to capture pokemon. Remember not to drive and play this game for your safety and others as well. In this day and age, any modern apps that are able to make us move and be active are great. Be aware of your environment and surroundings while playing and don’t procrastinate! So, go ahead and be the awesome trainers and burn Calories!!!