• Meal Planning

    Making the decision to go through bariatric surgery means that you are ready to move on to the new lifestyle that is healthy and long lasting. You made the promise to use the surgery as a vehicle to bring you to success. This vehicle will bring your future which is live to the fullest and bring you to move forward with the weight loss. Years of Meal Planning damage to the body carrying excess body weight will not change overnight, changing to the new lifestyle need constant reminder of why it is critical to exercise daily which requires discipline, motivation and structure. Very important component of this include meal planning which is a planned shopping trips to grocery stores, using coupons to buy your groceries and eating home cooked meals almost all the time.

    Calorie intake can be increased significantly with addition of fat in the process of cooking-which happens a lot in restaurants or fast food joints. Utilize the 3 P’s method: plan, purchase and prepare. Due to the small size of your new stomach, we need to ensure that food is not wasted.

    Planning will assist in eliminating last minute errands and avoid convenient stores. Include money saving meals such as casseroles, stews and stir fried meals. Make you list before going, check for weekly sales and use coupons. Purchase items in bulk, choose fruits or veggies in season.

    Purchase un cut veggies or fruits, buy large tub servings and non instant items. Do your groceries when you are NOT hungry, stick to your list, buy store brand, find and compare unit prices.

    Prepare your meals in advance, freeze stews/chilis/casseroles type foods and divide into portions while serving. Incorporate leftovers into subsequent meals, rotate fruits/veggies in season. While you have to eat out for special occasion, save money by getting early bird special, going out for lunch instead of dinner, look for “2for 1” deal, stick to water, and order kids meals. Meal planning had become one of the most powerful keys success contributing to the weight loss.

  • Which protein is good for you?

    Protein is your new main meal ingredients when you have had bariatric surgery. There are lots of protein sources that are available, but which are good for you? Any meat protein and milk products will have a good source of protein and has higher biological value which means that it is utilized by the body more efficiently. A whole egg has a biological value (BV) of 100 which means it is utilized most efficiently compared to other protein sources. The protein BV are as follows from highest to lowest: whole egg, milk, egg white, cottage cheese, tuna, fish, beef, chicken and soy. As you can see, plant protein are a good source of protein, however, the BV is lower than animal products protein.

    Which protein is good for you?

    When compared soy protein (soybean) vs. whey protein (derived from milk), the two has similar qualities of protein except for lower saturated fats and rich in antioxidant in soy protein. Soy protein can be found in foods such as: soybean, tofu, miso, tempeh, soymilk, soy protein powder, etc. Any grocery stores will have most of these products mainly in the organic vegetable section.

    Most protein shake are derived from whey protein, but if you are having any tolerance issue with whey protein, there are other sources that are also available such as egg white protein shake and soy protein shakes. Make sure you read the label of ingredients and nutrition fact label on each products.

    Contact your dietitian for more in depth explanation on good protein source!