• Highly Addicted Beverages Are Best Eliminated After Bariatric Surgery

    Highly addicted beverages such as caffeine, carbonated beverages and alcohol is best to be eliminated after bariatric surgery. The reason for Caffeine elimination after surgery is because it causes dehydration when consumed in excessive amount, increase GERD exacerbation (Gerd is Gastric esophageal reflux disease) and Highly Addicted Beverages Are  Best Eliminated After Bariatric Surgery stomal ulcer formation and it also may act as GI stimulant which increases digestion resulting in faster return of hunger sensation. Carbonated beverages increases belching and passing gas and thus increase discomfort. Alcohol is eliminated due to many reasons: first it the fact that alcohol is an empty liquid calories, secondly, there are research evidence of transfer addiction with alcohol consumption, third-it increases vitamin deficiency and lastly, it acts as gastric irritants. Tolerance of alcohol decreases after bariatric surgery, meaning you will get drunk a lot faster. The most successful weight loss patients have adopted the new lifestyle with no consumption of those mentioned beverages. You should also know additional facts such as: the stronger taste and smell senses when it comes to food, food tolerance will increase overtime, more often you chew-less calories you consume and research shows when food is chewed at least 40 times- it decreases calorie intake by 12%. Swallowed gum may cause obstruction. Chewing gum may produce gas due to air inhalation and sugar alcohol. Using straw may increase excess air inhalation and belching. Every individual will have different experience after surgery; however, majority of patients will show very similar output or results after bariatric surgery. Please consult with your health care provider for more info.