• Closing Practice – Effective 9/14/2020

    Dear Patients,

    It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing the closing of my practice, effective 9/14/2020. It has been a great pleasure providing for your health care needs over the years, and it is not easy for me to give it up. The current COVID-19 crisis is a major factor in our decision.

    I recommend looking for a new physician as soon as possible to assist you in your follow-up case needs. I am available for your follow up care until 9/14/2020, so please call us if we could be of any assistance until then. After 9/14/2020, I will not be able to attend to your medical needs.

    To help facilitate finding a new physician you could reach-out to your health insurance company and ask for a bariatric surgeon recommended near your, and/or consider the resources available by our societies and posted on their websites (www.asmbs.orgwww.facs.org). Please exercise your good judgement and research the doctor well.

    Your medical records are confidential and will be kept by me. A copy can be transferred to another doctor, released to you, or released to another person you designate (only through your permission). You can sign an authorization form (we’re able to provide) and return it by mail as soon as possible so we may transfer a copy of your records. Please mail the form to: Brian Mirza, MD, P.O. Box 56612, Houston, TX 77256. This is the address to use for correspondences related to your records.

    I have valued our relationship greatly, thank you so much for your trust and friendship over the years. Our best wishes for you for a life full of health.


    Brian Mirza, MD

  • Follow-Up Care After Weight Loss Surgery

    After bariatric surgery, the follow-up care you receive is an integral part of achieving weight loss success. During your follow-ups, not only will you be monitored for signs of complications, but you will also gain knowledge to help you change your life and adopt healthier habits. At 1st Choice Weight Loss , bariatric surgery patients

    Follow-Up Care After Weight Loss Surgery

    receive short and long term follow-up care at our weight loss clinic in Houston to lay the foundation necessary to help them reach their goals.

    At our weight loss clinic, the follow-up care plan is medically supervised and includes reviews of nutrient intake and food journals, monthly support groups on topics related to weight loss surgery, and consultations for weight loss plateau strategies. After the initial follow-up period, patients are able to sign up for additional weight loss services as necessary to support their efforts. This structure allows patients to always have the support they need to achieve healthy and effective weight loss that is sustainable.

    Disclaimer: This is only for general information, and all patients should run this by their doctors prior to following any recommendations in any of these videos or postings, as every patient has specific needs and limitations, only the treating surgeon could be aware of.

  • Introducing our New SECA Body Composition Scale

    As one of the best bariatric surgeons serving patients throughout Houston, TX Dr. Brian Mirza is always on the edge of bringing updated equipment and technology in our 1 st Choice Weight Loss Clinic.

    Our new SECA body composition scale provides the patient with a personalized printout from the printer in our practice. It shows the calculated body mass index (BMI) and its meaning. The medical software enables our clinic to compare weight changes between follow up visits, BMI improvements, fat mass and fat free mass breakdowns, total body water volume and visceral fat measures.

    A Body Composition Analyzer that Delivers Medically Precise Results

    The SECA mBCA 514 measures body composition in just 17 seconds. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the entire procedure, including preparation and follow-up, takes only a few minutes. With the help of precise measurements of fat mass and muscle mass, the doctor and dietitian can more accurately assess weight loss of overweight or diabetic patients in Houston, and more closely monitor nutrition therapy. Data on body water assists with the detection of edema, particularly in patients being treated for intestinal, liver, kidney, or heart disorders. A close look at muscle mass assists in the assessment of muscle status and physiological functions. The scale has weight capacity up to 660 lbs or 300 kg.

    For more information regarding the scale & how it works, please watch the video from Medisave Media. To see the scale in person, please contact 1 st Choice Weight Loss Center, proudly serving patients in Houston, TX, & schedule your appointment today !

  • Weight Loss Surgery and Overall Health

    Weight loss through stomach surgery can help patients prevent or manage more than 40 different medical conditions related to being overweight or obese. In some cases, significant weight loss may even resolve health problems entirely. If you’ve been considering bariatric surgery in Houston, you can talk to a bariatric surgeon about whether the procedure may improve your health conditions .

    When you watch this video, you’ll hear an interview with a nurse who suffered from ankle swelling, an enlarged heart, and other medical problems. After undergoing bariatric surgery, all of her health issues were resolved. She also lists some examples of patients that can benefit from weight loss surgery, including those with diabetes, sleep apnea, and joint problems.

    Disclaimer: This is only for general information. All patients should consult their doctors prior to following any of the recommendations in any articles and videos. Every patient has individual needs and limitations that only their treating physicians can be aware of.

  • Get to Know Dr. Brian Mirza

    Brian Mirza, MD, FACS Brian Mirza, MD, FACS of First Choice Weight Loss has been helping patients achieve their weight loss goals for more than 15 years. He is the president and medical director of Bariatric Care Centers PA, which provides surgical weight loss solutions near Houston. Dr. Mirza specializes in performing laparoscopic weight loss surgery, including gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding surgery, and gastric sleeve surgery.

    Dr. Mirza earned his medical degree and began his surgical residency at Damascus University Medical School. He went on to complete his surgical residency at St. Elizabeth Health Center in Ohio. He received advanced fellowship training in laparoscopic and laparo-endoscopic weight loss surgery at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Dr. Mirza is a board certified bariatric surgeon, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and has been named the Top Bariatric Surgeon in H Texas Magazine for five consecutive years. Dr. Mirza is dedicated to helping patients make informed decisions for their wellness.

  • All About First Choice Weight Loss

    There are many challenges that can come with weight loss, particularly when you need to lose a significant amount of weight to manage your health effectively. At First Choice Weight Loss, a talented team of physicians can help you overcome these challenges with the options of surgical and non-surgical programs that are personalized to your needs.

    The doctors of First Choice Weight Loss have consistently been voted as “Top Doctors” in the Houston area, and they are committed to providing a complete range of choices that will help every patient succeed. Even in the case of extreme weight loss, solutions are offered to facilitate major lifestyle changes. Along with the surgical team, patients have access to a staff physician and dietician who will emphasize real food and physical activity to promote long-term dedication to healthier choices. First Choice Weight Loss is not where you will find a quick fix for losing weight, but it is a center where you expect safe, healthy choices to help you reach your goals

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  • What to Expect During Our Medical Weight Loss Program

    At First Choice Weight Loss, our medical weight loss program relies on a combination of portion control and our signature weight loss products to help you achieve your goals. Throughout the program, you will meet with a dietician at our weight loss center in Houston , who will help you stick to the plan and lose weight.

    Our medical weight loss program starts with a consultation with our physician to determine if the program is safe for you. Next, you’ll meet with a dietician, who will explain the program in detail and give you your Healthy Start kit, which consists of a blender and a variety of protein shakes, bars, and crisps. You will attend a total of six visits at the weight loss clinic, during which you will receive your diet and exercise log and learn about healthy eating and exercise. Throughout the program, you will have the full support of our medical staff so you can lose weight effectively and learn to keep it off.

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