• 8 Ways to Avoid the Weight-Gain Holiday Blues [INFOGRAPHIC]

    The holidays may seem like a danger zone for your weight loss plan, but they don’t have to be. With the right strategies, you can still achieve healthy weight loss during the festive season without depriving yourself of your favorite treats. The most important way to avoid holiday weight gain is to have a plan. If you know you are going to a party with lots of temptations, don’t show up hungry, but instead leave room in your eating plan to enjoy your favorite indulgence while eating healthfully for the rest of the day. Find out more about weight loss solutions for the holidays in this infographic from 1 st Choice Weight Loss . Our weight loss clinic in Houston can help you survive the holidays and beyond with smart approaches for success, including weight loss surgery. Help all of your family and friends enjoy a healthier holiday by sharing this information. 8 Ways to Avoid the Weight-Gain Holiday Blues Infographic

  • Your Get-Ready Guide for Swimsuit Season [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Swimsuit season is rapidly approaching—are you ready? If your weight has been keeping you from enjoying summer fun, make this year the time you do something about it. Fast weight loss can be yours with weight loss surgery. Gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery can both make it easier to lose weight, especially after your own diet and exercise efforts haven’t helped you achieve the results you want. After surgery, following your doctor’s or dietician’s diet plan closely will allow you to lose weight quickly and safely as you adjust to a new, healthy lifestyle. In this infographic, 1 st Choice Weight Loss , a weight loss center in Houston, examines how weight loss surgery can help you reclaim your life this summer and beyond. Make an appointment with us to discuss the best weight loss strategy for you, and help others learn about healthy weight loss options by sharing this helpful information.

    Your Get-Ready Guide for Swimsuit Season Houston