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Medical Weight Loss FAQ's

Houston Weight Loss Questions and Answers

The staff at 1st Choice Weight Loss understands you may have many questions concerning your weight loss solution. We have included the most commonly asked questions below to ease your curiosity and provide you with answers. Call us at (866) 983-3971 if you have specific questions about our weight loss surgery and non-surgical solutions and services.

  • Does it include pre-portioned meals?

    • No, this program* does not include proportioned meals. This program* is a close to "reality" weight loss program by allowing you to have limited amount of carbohydrates, high protein and high fiber food items for your regular meals. There will be a meal replacement shake that you will use to replace one or two meals per day and you may also utilize the allowable food list. When you meet regularly with the dietitian, you will be taught new skills/strategies to be successful in this program*. There will be one initial visit with a dietitian and then four follow-up sessions conducted by the dietitian. Therefore, upon completion of the 12-week program* you should be able to maintain weight loss or continue with your weight loss journey safely.
  • Does it involve injections/diet pills?

    • No, our program* is not about a quick fix and magic. Our program* emphasizes a lifestyle change which includes healthier food choices and physical activity in order to have long-term successful outcome.
  • Is there a guaranteed amount of weight loss upon program* completion?

    • Everyone is very different when it comes to the body, metabolism, discipline, lifestyle and commitments. There is no set amount of weight to be guaranteed upon completion of the program*. The more you stick to the program*, the more weight loss you may have. Participants who are disciplined to follow the program* have lost more weight in the compared to those who aren't following the program* strictly.
  • Will my insurance cover this Medical Weight Loss Program?

    • Depending on your insurance, some may or may not cover it. Please call our office for complimentary insurance verification at (866) 983-3971.
  • If my insurance does not cover the fees, how much do I expect to pay for the program*?

    • Before starting the program*, we would need your insurance information. Program* fees will include the starting kit, medical clearance by our staff physician, screen series including blood work and EKG, and office visits which include vitals, physical measurements and your individual/group sessions with the dietitian. Please call our office that will be able to assist further with the cost of the program* at (866)983-3971.
  • Do you offer a payment plan?

    • Our office does not offer a payment plan. We allow that you separate the payments into two payments, the first will be due at the initial office visit with our staff physician and the second payment is dues at the first one on one visit with the dietitian.
  • What is the duration of the program*?

    • The program* is 12-weeks long. Physical clearance is not included in this duration. Once you are clear to start the program*, you will schedule your initial visit with the dietitian and this is when the 12 week will start. At the first one-on-one visit with the dietitian, the starting kit will be distributed and you will have full explanation about the program. After initial visit, regular visit with the dietitian is mandatory. Our office will schedule, follow up and remind you for your next appointments. After the completion of our 12-week program*, you have the option to continue for further weight loss goal for a minimal cost.
  • Will I be able to eat regular normal foods and continue with regular activity in my life during the program*?

    • Yes, absolutely. This program* will teach you the closest diet program* to reality. We encourage that you snack from the allowed food list and continue your high protein, high fiber, low carbohydrate for some of your meals. Your regular activity will remain the same because several days into the program*, your body will be adjusting to lower level of calorie intake without stopping you from your activities.
  • Can I get more info on this program*?

    • Yes, of course, you are invited to come and visit us at our clinic, 1st Choice Weight Loss at 5757 Westheimer suite 100 B, Houston, TX 77057 or call us at 866-983-3971.
  • How is the weight loss achieved?

    • This program* allows you to lose weight by burning your body fat as the primary source of energy. During the 12 week period, you are limiting the intake of carbohydrates, increasing the amount of protein, fiber and taking in a moderate amount of healthy fats in the diet. The increased protein will preserve the lean muscle you have while losing weight and allow you to build muscle with weight training exercises. The fiber intake will allow you to feel satisfied with the reduced portion and handle the carbohydrate cravings. Water consumption is another important component during this period. Diet and exercise will contribute to the successful outcome of this program*. Various modules will be discussed in each individual session with the program* dietitian to ensure safety, understanding and compliance.
  • Program* benefits:

    • Safe and efficient-Physician and Dietitian monitored
    • Closest to reality-include regular normal foods most of the time
    • Includes easy portion measurements by hands-no need to have measurement tools
    • Ensure fat burning as major target for weight loss-preserve lean muscles during weight loss process
  • Who is this program* made for?

    • Those who would like diet program* which is close to reality
    • Those who would like to lose weight without surgical weight loss procedure
    • Those who are not interested in fad diets: pills, pre portioned meals, injections
    • Those interested in a program* supervised by medical professional: physician and dietitian
    • Preoperative program* for Bariatric surgical* candidates
    • Postoperative program* for Bariatric surgical* patients who have regained or reached a plateau
  • What is Ketogenx?

    • It is a professional weight loss program*. We carry the products that will assist your weight loss program in our office. Products we carry are:
    • Ketogenx High Protein Shakes: Vanilla and Chocolate

    • This whey and soy protein combination, in addition to its great taste, consists of 20 gm of protein and only 110 calories per serving. It is naturally sweetened by stevia and no artificial flavors or colors. This shake will replace at least one of your meals daily during the program.

    • Ketogenx High Protein Vegetable Soup

    • This delicious soup contains 20 gm of protein and 110 calories per serving. It is an option to those who prefers savory flavor for their meal replacement. The low reactive pea protein ingredient makes it suitable for those requires dairy free and vegan.

    • Ketogenx Snack Bar

    • The crunchy snack option tastes great and satisfying. It is the route for those who like to munch and snack. The bars are sugar free with only 150 calories and 12 gm of protein. Flavors available: chocolate, peanut, very berry, apple cinnamon and chocolate-peanut butter.

    • Ketogenx Crisps

    • The savory snack is scrummy and crunchy. Available in 5 flavors: white cheddar, tangy BBQ, savory ranch, sundried tomato and herb and cinnamon spice. They are 130 calories and 8 gm of protein.

  • Is additional supplementation necessary during the 12-week program?

    • It is definitely recommended that you follow the dietitian's recommendation. Due to the restricted amount of caloric intake, the amount of nutrients consumed will be reduced and therefore, will increase your risk of nutrient deficiency. In order to ensure that you are not deficient in nutrients, we would recommend that you add supplementation as necessary.

  • Do you provide wellness counselor support during the program?

    • We offer a licensed professional counselor services for an additional charge, it is not included in the program* fee. She is able to provide support and discuss topics such as: focus on lifestyle, eating disorders, health issues resulting in obesity and also any emotional challenges that you may encounter during the program*.

  • Is there a money back guarantee for this program*?

    • There is no money back guarantee or returns/exchanges for sold merchandise or services.

Were your questions answered? Call our Houston weight loss office at (281) 888-7767 if you have any other questions.

  • Is there an option for fast-track weight loss option?

    • Yes, we do offer the fast track weight loss program for those who would like to lose more weight in shorter period of time. In fact, our program* is individualized depending on your preferences. If you have specific goals desired, please discuss with your program* dietitian and she can advise you on the plan appropriate for you. There are several plans to choose from, they include the rapid keto plan, daily dietary plan and maintenance plan. Rapid keto plan consists of one high protein low carbohydrate meal, two ketogenx shakes or soup and two protein snacks. Daily dietary plan consists of one ketogenx shake or soup, two high protein low carbohydrate meals and two protein snacks. Maintenance plan consists of three high protein low carbohydrate meals, two protein snacks and one ketogenx shake or soup.

  • Disclaimer:

    *All weight loss claims are due to surgery. Results will vary by person and are based upon the patient, the surgery type and the compliance with the aftercare program.

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1st Choice Weight Loss Program Includes:

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  • Guidance by Our Staff Physician and Program Dietitian
  • Prioritize Real Food and Physical Activity
  • Not A Quick Fix, It Is Your Lifestyle Change!
  • Educational, Well-Balanced and Inclusion of Physical Activity Provides Long Term Benefits After Completion Of Program
  • Portion of Program Expenses May Be Covered By Insurance
  • Signature Meal Replacement and Supplements