Health Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

The health effects of being obese and overweight can have a negative impact on your life. Surgery is a weight loss option that has been a success for many. If you are considering this route, Houston Sleeve Surgery Clinic in Houston, TX offers a few solutions, including bariatric weight loss, gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass surgery.

We know the choice to undergo surgery is a difficult one. You must overcome unhealthy dietary and living habits for it to be truly successful. If you work at it, the weight loss surgery health benefits can offset any risks and disadvantages. When considering such a procedure in Houston, think about the benefits to your health that may be realized.

Weight-Related Health Conditions

If treated by a weight loss surgeon, Houston, TX, clients can avoid or mitigate some of the following health issues:

Heart Disease: Obesity often leads to high blood pressure, which, in turn, can damage the heart. Left untreated, this may lead to heart attacks, coronary heart disease, and congestive heart failure; together, this set of diseases represents the leading cause of death in the U.S.

High Cholesterol: High levels of cholesterol and lipids in the blood are often associated with being overweight. Heart attacks, strokes, and other conditions may result if the situation isn’t addressed.

Type 2 Diabetes: Often associated with obesity, it accounts for 95 percent of all adult cases of diabetes. High blood sugar and resistance to the limited amount of insulin produced by the pancreas may lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney problems, and other health issues.

Breathing Problems: Asthma and sleep apnea, in which sleep is disrupted by improper or ceased breathing, are more common among individuals who are overweight.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: Also called GERD and heartburn, it is associated with obesity and can lead to cancer and other serious health conditions.

Pain: Excessive weight puts a great deal of strain on the bones and joints. Obesity increases the risk of developing osteoarthritis, which can affect the hands, legs, back, and neck, but losing weight is often effective at reducing the pain.

Depression: The physical and psychological impacts of being overweight can lead to depression, which is more common in individuals who are obese compared to those at or close to a normal weight. The issue can often be alleviated or improved through weight loss.

Incontinence: Excess weight can weaken muscles in the pelvic area, especially in women. The result is frequent, involuntary urination that can affect every aspect of one’s life.

Reproductive Issues: Infertility, discomfort, and disrupted menstrual cycles occur in women with severe obesity. One of the weight loss surgery health benefits is a reduction in these issues following the procedure.

Gallstones: Cholesterol and pigment stones can block the bile duct. Weight is just one factor that causes them, as cholesterol is a major contributor to their formation.

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*Disclaimer: All weight loss claims are due to surgery and before and after care. Results will vary by person and are based upon the patient, the surgery type and the compliance with the aftercare program. As with any Medical procedure or surgery, there are specific risks and possible complications. If you have specific questions about the procedure we suggest you arrange for a consult with the Doctor.

Houston Sleeve Surgery Clinic Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • Patients Are Carefully Monitored Under Our Physician's Care
  • Guidance by Our Staff Physician and Program Dietitian
  • Prioritize Real Food and Physical Activity
  • Not A Quick Fix, It Is Your Lifestyle Change!
  • Educational, Well-Balanced and Inclusion of Physical Activity Provides Long Term Benefits After Completion Of Program
  • Portion of Program Expenses May Be Covered By Insurance
  • Signature Meal Replacement and Supplements