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Weight Loss Success Stories

Before Houston Gastric Bypass
After Houston Bariatric Surgery

“I was done being tired and fatigued, overweight and unable to lose anything, and seeing my health plummet. That’s why I chose to have weight loss surgery. I attended a Houston bariatric surgery seminar hosted by Dr. Mirza, and I felt a close connection to him and I knew right away that I wanted him to be my surgeon. He was extremely approachable and very thorough, and explained about the different type of procedures to lose weight and customized the expected outcome for me. When I came in for my first appointment, the staff was great; they were very friendly and treated me with compassion. They took care of all the insurance paperwork and discussed all the options to take care of the financial cost for the procedure. I then decided to have the gastric sleeve surgery. Dr. Mirza performed my surgery; he made himself available to me after surgery. I could contact him or his staff for any concerns or questions that I had. Since the surgery, I have high energy; I can finally keep up with my kids. I look and feel great! I can go up the stairs without getting winded, and I am back to being a happy person. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mirza to anyone looking for the best treatment from beginning to end. He truly cares about his patients and he will personally call to check up on you!”- Stephanie*

Audrey Before Weigh Loss surgery
Audrey After bypass surgery

“For five years I struggled with activity limitations. I couldn’t spend time outside with my son, I was extremely tired all the time, and I couldn’t engage in sports. That’s when I made the decision to change my life. I heard great things about Dr. Mirza and when I met with him he showed true concern for my health and well being. I informed him of my struggle to find a long term solution for my hiatal hernia after years of prescribed medications, and he said that with surgery it could be fixed while I had the sleeve gastrectomy. I knew it then that I was in the right hands. Since the surgery I have lost 94 pounds! Now that I have lost the weight I love that I can shop at a variety of stores. I am no longer confined to just one store. I can run, stand on my feet longer, and no longer rush home after work to go to bed. I am so happy with the results, but my son is ecstatic! He now has the ability to play sports with me. For anyone considering weight loss surgery, my personal recommendation would be to not worry about what others think once you make the decision to have surgery. It is YOUR life and it is YOUR choice. I chose Dr. Mirza…. Will you too?”- Audrey*

Donna before surgery
Donna after weight loss

“It wasn’t until it was brought to my attention by my primary care physician, that I thought there was a problem with my weight. I went day to day not realizing that because of my weight I was starting to get high blood pressure and other associated medical issues. Once I found that out I felt like it was time to make a change. I went online and did research, and after visiting several sites I knew Dr. Mirza was the physician I wanted to undergo my care with. The site was extremely informative, and somehow I could tell that he was nice and really cares about his patients. Since the surgery, I went from a size 20 to a size 6! This is the first time in my life I can fit into that size! In addition, I am off all my medications, and couldn’t be happier with the results. I have referred several coworkers to Dr. Mirza, and would shout it from the rooftops to everyone interested… Go to Dr. Mirza!” – Donna*

Weight Loss Solutions Houston
Houston gastric sleeve success

“I tried every diet you can imagine, from the watermelon diet to slim-fast to plain old starvation. After diet and exercise failed repeatedly, I decided it was time to make a change. That’s why I called Dr. Brian Mirza. After communicating with several clinics, I realized Dr. Mirza was the right choice for me. His staff was caring and compassionate, and made it extremely easy to schedule an appointment within a reasonable time frame. When I met with Dr. Mirza he was extremely easy-going and answered all my questions. I’ve lost 83 lbs since surgery, and no longer suffer from chronic knee pain, back pain or high blood pressure. I was borderline Type 2 Diabetes, but no longer am. My wife is extremely happy because I no longer snore at night! I couldn’t be happier with the results. I can now play with my kids, play basketball, and walk without tiring easily. I would highly recommend Dr. Mirza…. He’s the man!” – Clarence*

Amanda Luevano Before Surgery
Houston weight loss surgery.


Where do I begin, this weight loss has not only changed my life it has changed the life of my husband and my children. I no longer take a million years trying to find something to wear, or in a bad attitude all the time. I’m not always crying because I cant find a pair of pants that fit me right. I use to have to go to a million stores dragging my poor husband along until I found a pair of pants that slightly fit. This surgery has changed the way I look at myself, I finally see the real me. I’m living my life like a young woman should. I feel like I’ve missed out on so much. I use to hide myself behind my weight. I feel like I have come out into to the light, the light of my new life. I cant even begin to explain the gratitude I feel towards all of you in that office everybody played a part in this and thanks to all of you I feel like I can finally start living a new life as a new me.

Thank you so much,

Amanda L.*

Houston Sleeve Surgery
gastric sleeve Houston

“My main concern and what made me choose to proceed with weight loss surgery was my health. My family has a history of diabetes and heart attacks, and once my cholesterol began to get high I knew it was time for a change. I went online to begin my research, and of all the websites I visited Dr. Mirza’s was the most personable to me. When I went in for my first appointment I was extremely happy with the experience. The staff is the best I’ve ever been treated by from any office. Since the surgery, I am able to do so many things I was unable to do before. I can run 5 miles on a treadmill, and go up a flight of stairs without feeling like I will pass out! When I look back at my before pictures I can’t believe the amazing progress, and am so glad I chose to make the change I needed in my life. Dr. Mirza is the best doctor I could ask for, and I am truly touched that after my surgery he postponed a family event to come check on me in the hospital! Would I recommend Dr. Mirza? I already have!” – Carolyn*

gastric bypass Houston
Mary After Surgery Images

“I chose weight loss surgery because I was out of options. I had tried dieting and exercise, but the weight would come off, then it would come back and I would gain even more. So I turned to my co-worker who had already undergone the research to select a great doctor and had already had the surgery with Dr. Mirza. He highly recommended Dr. Mirza, and at my appointment I was convinced this was the right choice for me as well. The staff was very informative and nice, and remains so to this day. The weight loss from the surgery has got me moving! I just ran my first 13.1 mile, half marathon, and plan on entering a full one in the near future. If I am not running every couple of days I find myself missing it! Now at the end of the day, I can enjoy a full night’s sleep, and no longer have to be concerned with taking blood pressure pills or have the threat of diabetes hanging over my head. I am so happy with the results, and truly believe when you “Lose Weight” you can “Enjoy Life”! The surgery Dr. Mirza performed and the staff’s support has helped me change my life. I have recommended him to several friends and relatives so they can get moving too!” – Mary*

how to lose weight Houston
extreme weight loss Houston

“After dealing with progressive health issues I knew it was time for me to begin my journey for weight loss surgery. I attended ten seminars in the Houston area, and then I met Dr. Mirza and knew I could stop looking. I had trust and confidence in his knowledge and expertise, and was comfortable with his overall personality. In addition, the quality of the program and the thoroughness prior to surgery ensuring my safety was of huge importance. The staff was helpful in scheduling all of my appointments and showed compassionate one on one care. Since the surgery, I feel like I have a new life! I have been able to buy new clothes, have the ability to get around with ease and live an active lifestyle. It took ten tries to find the right doctor, and when I did… it was Dr. Mirza!” – Ronnie*

gastric banding Houston
gastric banding surgery Houston


Dear Dr. Mirza,

As the days turn into months, there is one thing that remains constant in my memory. I am reminded of the day I first embarked upon my weight loss journey…

My weight was 207 lbs. The most I’d ever weighed in my entire life! I needed help.

From the moment I stepped into your office, I was very hopeful. Having been referred to you, I was confident that you were the right doctor to consult with. You answered every single question, encouraged them even, with a big smile on your face.

My surgery date was October 5, 2011. I feel as if I’ve come a long way since then…and it’s only been a little over two months! I am weighing in at 166 lbs. today. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for once. I know that with the tools and support you all continue to give, I cannot fail. I am enjoying life a lot more these days; my smile is a little bigger and my laugh is a lot louder. Most importantly, I love myself a lot more.

I wanted to say ‘Thank You’ Dr. Mirza for genuinely caring for your patients. It is not everyday someone makes an impact in another person’s life, but, you have made a difference in our lives. I say ‘ours’ because my entire family thanks you for transforming my life and my brother’s, Omar Perez. You are a true blessing.

God Bless.


Monica G.*

gastric bypass surgery Houston
healthy weight loss Houston


Dear Dr. Mirza,

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for changing my life for the better. When I came to your office in late April 2011, you greeted us and gave your full attention to each and everyone in the room. At that instant, I knew I was in good hands.As you may already know, I have always struggled with my weight. Being 345 lbs., I was a prisoner inside my own body. Simply put, I was miserable and felt my life was passing me by.

I still remember the day I received the news about the approval from my insurance company as if it were yesterday. Finally, my day had come! June 29th, 2011, my surgery date. One date I will never forget! On that day, my life was about to change for my family and I. I was ready for a new beginning.

Now, 5 ½ months post op, I am weighing 209 lbs. A total of 136 lbs. lost! I have literally shed a whole other person! Dr. Mirza, this journey has been nothing but a success just as you had described in the first consultation. My days of suffering quietly and feeling terrible about myself for who I was, and what I had become are way behind me, they are now my PAST! Now I feel healthier than ever and I can enjoy life with my loved ones and live life to the fullest!

This surgery has given me the confidence I’ve lacked for quite some time and the sky is the limit for me. Nothing is unattainable, especially with a great group of people by your side, like The Bariatric Care Center.

Thank you for being a great surgeon, a great listener, and a great person in general.


Omar P.*

how to lose weight fast Houston
lose weight Houston

Dear Dr. Mirza,

I find myself writing to you on Thanksgiving day. What better day than this to tell you how much you have changed my life. I was given your name as a referral, and honestly, had very little hope that you could help me. However, my friend, being one of your patients, highly recommended you and I having the utmost trust in her, thought “what the heck, I’ll give him a try”. Please understand that I had been rejected by numerous doctors, as I had had stomach stapling in 2003 and not a single doctor would grant an appointment, nonetheless, treat me. I knew there was something wrong as I had regained so much weight.

I must tell you that I fell in love with you the moment you walked in the door. Your bedside manner is unlike any doctor I have ever had. You were so kind and the whole time I listened to you, you made me feel like I was family. I immediately felt that you truly cared about me and that you felt you could really help me. I was so “at peace” with everything you said and suggested we do.

Here I am 3 ½ months later, 42 pounds lighter and so extremely happy. I have regained my self esteem. I have the confidence I had lost for so many years. My health is excellent and I feel that both you and God granted me a second chance. Thank you so much, Dr. Mirza. I pray that you are forever a part of my life, as a friend this time. I am truly one of your biggest fans.

Keep up the great work, and may God bless you forever and ever.

By the way, it has been my experience that one’s staff is typically a reflection of what comes from the top. Congratulations, to you. Everyone in your office is top of the line, fabulous, caring and how I love them all.

My best to you and your family.


Maritza W.*


losing weight Houston
medical weight loss programs Houston

"At 310 pounds on the scale, I knew it was time for weight loss surgery. I went on the internet and did some researching, which is where I came across Dr. Mirza. I asked around and after hearing great things my decision was final, so I made my appointment. The staff was nothing but caring and compassionate throughout my entire experience and remains so to this day. Since losing 132 pounds my life has finally started. Before, I never wanted to go out with my friends and would only work out in my garage. Now I am out and about, and have no problem going to the gym. Recently I tried on some clothes that I wore in the eighth grade, and they were too big! I couldn’t be happier with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Mirza to anyone looking into weight loss surgery. I have said it before and I will say it again….I’m a brand new person!"*


Pequitta Before


safe weight loss Houston


"For me deciding to have weight loss surgery was an easy choice. I had tried every diet known to man, and while I would lose some weight eventually it would come back plus some. Health conditions such as stomach and breast cancer on my mother’s side of the family and diabetes on my father’s side of the family, I knew if I didn’t want to continue on that path I needed to make a change. I began researching many physicians in the area, and when I found Dr. Mirza he stood out above the rest. I attended a seminar and knew based off how he showed each patient true concern that he was the doctor I wanted to have surgery with. In addition, the staff has been like another family for me. Anytime I call or come in they are nice and polite, and actually show compassion towards each patient. Since losing the weight my high blood pressure has been resolved, and I can wear smaller clothing, and I really feel good about myself. I can climb the stairs without knee pain which is amazing! I already have referred many friends and would recommend Dr. Mirza to anyone interested in having weight loss surgery. I have also recommended his new weight loss program to a couple of friends too! If you want your doctor to actually care about you and your overall health he is 100% the right one to choose. Since March 2012 I have lost 106 pounds, and have been happyever since!"*


sleeve gastrectomy Houston

"My children were the major deciding factor for my choice of weight loss surgery. I wanted to be able to be more active and actually engage in activity with them at the park. My husband's coworker referred me to Dr. Mirza after having great success himself, and I am so glad he did! Dr. Mirza is an amazing doctor, and his staff has always been wonderful. Since my surgery I have lost 116 pounds and now have a more active lifestyle and more self confidence. I am able to walk more, and the best part is no aches and pains afterwards. I am so happy with the results, and so is my husband. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mirza to everyone looking into weight loss surgery, and so would my mother who I referred and had the surgery too! Thank you Dr. Mirza, you changed my life!"*


surgical weight loss solutions Houston
weight loss center Houston

"Dr. Mirza, I am finding it difficult at best to thank you for all you have given me by all you have taken away. My sleeve surgery you so skillfully performed was nothing short of a miracle. My life was saved by your nurturing my 100 pound weight loss for months on end, a metamorphosis if you will. You're an angel here on earth, so patient and motivating with your gift as a doctor and by making me believe I could be successful. You have given me a rebirth, a transformation beyond my belief. I can now conquer the outdoors with my husband. I can now play on the floor with my grandchildren. I have regained my self confidence professionally and socially. To the little things, I can now cross my legs, I can now wear a belt, I can now hug and be hugged back! You have taken from me so much, the "weight" you lifted from my life is priceless, I struggle with words of praise for you. I am so very blessed our paths crossed. My husband and I are forever grateful. I apologize this is late incoming, we didn't get here overnight, yet we have made it! May success continue to follow your journey in making a difference in the lives of all your patients. Forever Indebted- Donna"*


“I was overweight since I was a young child. I had tried every diet on the market but had not been successful with any long term. I was at an office visit with an orthopedic surgeon when I was advised that I would need surgery to correct spinal problems caused by degenerative back disease. He suggested that I lose weight prior to surgery to expedite the surgical result. Knowing my track record with diets, I mentioned that I thought weight loss through lap band surgery might be more successful for me. That is when he suggested that I make an appointment with Dr. Mirza.

Dr. Mirza’s office worked the details of the surgery through my health insurance and I had the surgery within a couple of weeks of my initial appointment. Since my surgery six months ago, I have steadily lost thirty-three pounds. I feel healthier and I exercise regularly. Keeping my appointments with Dr. Mirza and his staff has been the only support that I have needed in my weight loss journey. They are understanding and compassionate.

The lap band surgery is not magic but certainly gives you an edge against weight loss. It leaves a constant reminder of what you should be doing and what you should be working toward. Weight loss for me is now much easier than it has ever been in the past. And, it gives me a much better feeling about myself because I see a difference and I feel successful. Right now my life is focused on losing weight and becoming healthier. The lap band operation has given me the chance to do both!”*


“For the past ten years, I wrestled with gain. As the scale tipped forward, I lost my ability to exercise; my diabetes became hard to control, and my blood pressure became unmanageable. When my weight hit an all time high of 240 pounds, I decided to research a weight loss option that would be effective. I liked what I read about the lap band procedure and made an appointment with Dr. Mirza.

Dr. Mirza answered my questions about the lap band procedure while his office staff called my insurance company to make arrangements for my surgery. It was so easy that I opted to forgo the presurgical diet and have my surgery as soon as I possibly could.

My surgery was performed on November 20, 2009. Since the surgery, I have gone from a tight 1x top and tight 16-18 pants to a fitting size 12. My weight of 245 has decreased to 185 pounds in just five months. The lap band placement is a constant reminder that I need to watch my food portions.

I love what the lap band procedure has done for me. Unlike what I had worried about, the lap band procedure allowed me to lose weight in a way that has been steady and has kept my skin tone and texture tight and toned. I have no loose skin from the surgery.

The lap band online support group and information has been a wonderful resource for me. I can access information 24-7 online, which works best for me. However, I also have Dr. Mirza’s cell number and the support of his office staff which makes them available to me 24-7 too.

I used to hate shopping for clothes, but now I find shopping with my 20-year-old daughter fun. I can wear the beautiful clothes that she wears and I look good in them too! I have only one regret about the lap band surgery- that I waited so long to have it!*


"Dr. Mirza, I am finding it difficult at best to thank you for all you have given me by all you have taken away. My sleeve surgery you so skillfully performed was nothing short of a miracle. My life was saved by your nurturing my 100 pound weight loss for months on end, a metamorphosis if you will. You're an angel here on earth, so patient and motivating with your gift as a doctor and by making me believe I could be successful. You have given me a rebirth, a transformation beyond my belief. I can now conquer the outdoors with my husband. I can now play on the floor with my grandchildren. I have regained my self confidence professionally and socially. To the little things, I can now cross my legs, I can now wear a belt, I can now hug and be hugged back! You have taken from me so much, the "weight" you lifted from my life is priceless, I struggle with words of praise for you. I am so very blessed our paths crossed. My husband and I are forever grateful. I apologize this is late incoming, we didn't get here overnight, yet we have made it! May success continue to follow your journey in making a difference in the lives of all your patients. Forever Indebted- Donna"*

Sleeve Gastrectomy- Chad

weight loss companies Houston
weight loss goals Houston

"When I was diagnosed with Diabetes, I knew something had to be done about my weight. I have various friends that received weight loss surgery from First Choice Weight loss clinic and their results were amazing! I knew what had to be done so I called and booked an appointment to take my life back and become a healthier person all around.

From the moment I walked in the door until this present time, the staff has treated me in a very professional and caring demeanor. I am extremely thankful for Dr. Amir, who did a marvelous job throughout the duration of my surgery and Dr. Mirza, who has continued the greatness with my follow-up care. Dr. Mirza and his staff are definitely elite and world class. Hands down, the best weight loss experts in Houston. I would refer Dr. Mirza without a doubt! He is the best weight loss doctor around.

Now that I’ve had my surgery, many positive changes have been made. I can now do many activities that I once before could not do. I jog and I do push-ups now! I’ve overcome many obstacles and will continue to keep overcoming them. The best thing about losing weight has had to be my improvement in health. I am definitely very satisfied and happy with the whole process."*

Talal Juraythi

Before Houston Gastric Bypass
After Houston Bariatric Surgery

“There were many reasons why I chose to have the Sleeve Gastrectomy. I wanted to change my life overall. I looked forward to looking and feeling better. I wanted to feel more confident about who I was and what I could do.

I consulted with multiple physicians before meeting Dr. Mirza. He immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. I researched his background and experience and this too, helped me decide to select him as my surgeon. His staff continues to be helpful and understanding throughout my entire process.

There are many choices in activities I can perform now without so much effort. I have become proactive in College and even enrolled in a local gym. Not only am I actively working-out at the gym, but also swimming and bicycling. Shopping for clothing is now a favorite, along with getting long, deep, restful sleep without snoring or shortness of breath.

I am so happy with my results that I have recommended Dr. Mirza to two of my close friends and my family members."

- Talal*


I decided to choose weight loss surgery because nothing else was working. I feel like I tried everything on the market. I was overweight and tired of being this way, something had to be done. I decided to choose Dr. Brian Mirza because he was highly recommended. After looking at his reviews and hearing so many great things about him, I felt that he would be the best doctor for me. I was so happy I made this decision. The staff was super caring and compassionate. They all were very encouraging throughout my whole process. I am so happy that I started losing weight after the surgery. I think the best thing about losing this weight is that I just feel so much better. I am no longer tired and I now have the energy to get through the day. My self confidence has also gone up because now I can fit into my clothes. Now that I have had the surgery, I am able to do more activities. I run and do rock climbing and I am also even doing some cross- fit. I would say that I am 100% happy with my results and I would 100% recommend Dr. Mirza to anyone who is looking into weight loss surgery.*


*All weight loss claims are due to surgery. Results will vary by person and are based upon the patient, the surgery type and the compliance with the aftercare program.

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